Car Junction Ltd.: Japanese used Vehicles Exporter

Car Junction Ltd., one of the leading car exporters based in Japan, offer wide variety of Japanese and Non Japanese both new and used vehicles for sale and export. We are in the business of exporting quality brand new and used car to Africa, Caribbean and Middle East. You can order for all the Japanese Used Vehicle parts of your choice. We can offer worldwide delivery via container shipment.. We’re the one stop exporter of Japanese, American and European used vehicles, including 4WDs (Four Wheel Drive), Sedans, Buses, Hatchbacks, Minibuses, Sports Cars, Trucks, Wagons, Earth moving machinery in both (LHD)left and (RHD) right hand drives serving in more than 85 countries. Over a 1000, utmost quality used Japanese, American and European used vehicles are available in our current stock to facilitate you with our unsurpassed abilities. Car Junction also offers extraordinary sales program for Diplomats, which includes unique prices, personalized services and other special offers.

Brand New Vehicles

Special Stock at Car Junction:


We Carry Vehicles Stock in six countries of the world:

 Harare Car junction Stock
Harare Stock
Durban Car Junction Stock
Durban Stock
Zambia Car Junction  Stock
Zambia Stock
 Kenya Car Junction  Stock
Kenya Stock
Dar Es Salaam Car Junction  Stock
Dar Es Salaam Stock
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UAE Stock

What makes Car Junction unique?

  • High quality used Japanese vehicles at the lowest prices.
  • Worldwide setup.
  • On demand arrangement of any Japanese car that is unavailable in our stock.
  • Low mileage used cars but at economical prices.
  • Member of huge variety of car auctions in Japan.
  • We respond to your emails within the snap of a finger.
  • You can generate an Online Proforma invoice of your Japanese used vehicle yourself.
  • We have prompt delivery with time-to-time shipment status notifications.
  • We have a proven track record of our after-sales service; see Customer testimonials
  • Our Japanese used cars are thoroughly tested by professional technical staff before we stock them.
  • Exporter of Japanese used vehicles all around the world